Next-Gen Online Banana Ecosystem.

To create a world- class marketplace for Indian varieties of traditional bananas and its value-added by products. Welcome to The Yellow Revloution!

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Banana Products
Our Departments

We Have A Wide Range of Products.

Farmers App

An Exclusive Application for farmers to help them develop and maintain banana crops and produce export quality bananas.
Farmers can view historical data of their cultivation anytime on the app.

Value Added Products

The value addition is done to ripened bananas, which helps extend their shelf life by making them into products like chips, cookies etc.

Tass E-Commerce

From healthy and convenient snack options to innovative recipes and cooking ingredients, we offer a range of products that are both delicious and nutritious. Browse our site to discover the limitless possibilities of banana

Supply Chain

Our supply chain management system is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality. From sourcing the freshest and ripest bananas to delivering them to you in optimal condition, we use the latest technologies and processes to manage every aspect of the supply chain.


TASS would expand its ecosystem to build Franchise model All over the Country.

Our Products

Our value-added banana products are the perfect banana recipe and premium ingredients, resulting in innovative and delicious creations. We also have products that are in research and development.

Selling Now

Products in R&D

Banana Chips in 5 flavours
Banana Powder
Shirts & Sarees
Banana STEM Thokku
Sanitary Pads
Drawing Paper
Paper Journal
And Much more ...

Some of our Clicks! Our gallery showcases the beauty and versatility of our banana based products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is TASS the world’s first Banana Tech?

TASS is the pioneer of combining banana exports, domestic market and its value add-ons under one roof.

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Are there any hidden charges that the farmers have to pay?

No. The motive of TASS is to export and introduce Indian varieties of bananas to the international market and contribute to the growth of IndianGDP.

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Do all the products under TASS named the same?

No, the products come with the name of the sub-brands

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How is TASS different from other banana tech brands?

Unlike other banana tech brands, TASS not only guides and educates farmers but also keeps close watch of the plants for 12 plus months and integrates ripened bananas into various edible products by adding value to them.

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Are all the products from TASS made from bananas and its crop?

Yes, each and every TASS product is banana-related. Value add-ons might contain some other ingredients along with bananas.

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